About us

Bull Tough Flooring Ltd specializes in the installation and refinishing of solid hardwood floors. As a small company we focus on high quality work and excellent customer services. Our skill set within this field gives us the ability to take on any project. Keeping things simple has been the founding principle of our company. We hope you to will get to enjoy our passion. Kayum Bull Tough Flooring Ltd


Refinishing a hardwood floor involves the total removal of the top layer of wood before a new stain colour and finish is added. If the floor is already in good condition, you can expect to have a floor that appears visually brand new once the process has been complete.

Screen and coat

This process is perfect for fixing slight worn floors with scratches. The floor is professionally washed before a light sand and a fresh coat of finish is applied. There is generally a 95% reduction in the visibility of the scratches.


Installing floors and stair cases goes hand in hand with our core function. We have all the tools and experience required to install any type of floor or stair case