Reclaimed Barn Wood Flooring

Jul 28,2017

  This is by far the most visually appealing hardwood floor we install. Made from reclaimed fir and hemlock, these old barn boards have history worn into them. Nail holes, knots, splits, cracks and gaps, this floor has them all and it's what gives this floor it's unique look. This style of floor will never be out of fashion, this wood is over 100 years old and could last another 100 years. The rugged look of this floor makes it an easy floor to maintain because there is so much texture and colour variation going on.


Don’t Try This At Home

Aug 22,2017

This customer certainly didn’t think refinishing a floor could be such a difficult thing to do … they were wrong !

Technically speaking … this isn’t even flooring. The customer was able to pick up dozens of old solid maple hardwood desks from a demolition job and decided to install them himself. The installation work to his credit was done properly however the sanding and staining aspect of this project could have done with some help.

The only fix for this job was a full re-sand. Once the floor was professionally refinished the customer promised me that this would be the first and last time they would try it themselves … good choice !


Specialty Flooring – Red Oak Parquet

Jul 28,2017

We always enjoy the opportunity to work with new or different products. This parquet floor turned out to be one of our most enjoyable jobs because this type of floor looks amazing when finished. The multi-directional layout of the wood grain has a huge impact on the way the floor looks when stained.

This floor was close to being ripped out because the home owner didn’t like the old orange colour the floor used to be and didn’t know how great these floors look when finished.

The colour selection was the easy part, the customer had a sample board they wanted us to match … we went with the closest colour their floor would allow. The red undertones in the wood naturally come through the stain so this factor had to be taken into consideration when custom mixing the stain.

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